USA & Canada

We are receiving an ever increasing number of enquiries from North American and Canadian customers.  Please be aware that we distribute our products through our partner AVITECH Plus based in Florida.  Please contact them at where they will be happy to deal with your query.

Screen Size Recommendations

Screen Size Recommendations Most of our products come with a recommended maximum TV screen size and will say something like ‘for TV’s up to 55 inch’ ix7iqhg.  This is certainly the case with our cantilever ranges – ‘Origin II’, ‘Motion’ and ‘Arc ST’.  These recommendations are based purely on visual aesthetics.  Provided your TV is […]

Low Mounting Points

Low Mounting Points We have been receiving calls from customers stating that their TV is sitting too high, even on the lowest height setting on their Origin II, Motion or Arc ST TV stand.  Origin S2 & S4 models, and Motion and Arc ST’s, are designed for large screen TV’s and are fitted with our large […]

Off The Wall Soundbar Bracket Compatibility

 Off The Wall Soundbar Bracket Compatibility Sonos Playbar We often receive calls from customers stating that they have read reviews which state that the Sonos Playbar is not compatible with our soundbar bracket.  This was due to our bracket not being long enough to reach the mounting points on the rear of the Playbar.  We […]