Off The Wall Soundbar Bracket Compatibility

 Off The Wall Soundbar Bracket Compatibility

Sonos Playbar

We often receive calls from customers stating that they have read reviews which state that the Sonos Playbar is not compatible with our soundbar bracket.  This was due to our bracket not being long enough to reach the mounting points on the rear of the Playbar.  We changed the design and lengthened our bracket nearly three years ago to accommodate the Playbar.  No stock of the old style bracket will be available anywhere so customers that have this product should buy with confidence.

Sony Soundbars

There are several Sony soundbars, and the odd LG model, that have mounting points wider than 82cms apart (which is the maximum width of our soundbar bracket).  If you have one of these products and are struggling to fit it to our bracket, please contact us with your proof of purchase, and we will send you free of charge an extension bracket to ensure your soundbar fits.